• CoolMellon

    Mezzanine Debt Opportunity for Institutional & Accredited Investors

    We didn't make the current banking system, we make the current banking system better.

  • What We Do

    At CoolMellon we believe all accredited investors should have equal access to institutional-quality mezzanine debt opportunities in the private debt and credit markets.


      As more and more regulated lenders are getting out of the commercial lending business as the result of increased federal regulations, CoolMellon is poised to step in and fill the void.

  • Overview of CoolMellon

    Linking accredited and institutional investors to qualified mezzanine debt borrowers

    We didn't make the current banking system, we make the current banking system better.

  • Who We Are

    We're on a mission to provide high yield risk adjusted mezzanine debt opportunities to accredited and institutional investors while giving qualified, underbanked borrowers access to capital.

    Charlie Uchill

    Managing Partner

    As Managing Partner of CoolMellon, Charlie is responsible for strategic direction of the business, ensuring a balance between institutional and accredited investors on the CoolMellon platform, as well as advising on day-to-day operations. He is also responsible for corporate development, strategic partnerships, institutional investment products, and capital markets. He brings more than 18 years experience in sales, marketing and business development across the hedge fund, alternative investment and registered investment advisor industries.


    Charlie is a former US Army Ranger having served as a platoon leader and staff officer in the elite 75th Ranger Regiment.


    Charlie earned a B.S. in Political Science from the United States Military Academy.

    Greg Anderson

    Managing Partner

    As Managing Partner of CoolMellon, Greg is responsible for developing and executing the business development strategy to attract borrowers to the site;  and source, screen, and conduct due diligence on borrowers. He brings more than 20 years experience in all aspects of the real estate development industry.


    Greg is member of the Texas Association of Business and the Home Builders Association of Greater Austin. He is a graduate of the Austin Technology Incubator Work Shop.


    Greg earned a B.S. in International Relations from the United States Military Academy.

    A Bunker Labs Cohort Company


  • Contact Us

    Our investments are only open to accredited and institutional investors. As we prepare to roll out our platform in Q4 2015, we do currently have a pipeline of high yield, mezzanine debt investments open to accredited and institutional investors that we are working offline. Please contact us if interested in learning about our current pipeline or more about CoolMellon.

  • Contact Us

    If you are a qualified borrower with a project that needs mezzanine debt, CoolMellon is your solution. The current banking system for projects in the $2MM-50MM range is broken, and we are here to fix it.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    About CoolMellon

    1. Q: How does CoolMellon work?
      A: We provide accredited investors with access to mezzanine debt investment opportunities across all industries. After completing an application, Investors can browse investment opportunities, learn about the sponsors, view details and sign legal documents online.

    2. Q: Why should I invest with CoolMellon?
      A: CoolMellon offers accredited investors access to opportunities that were previously only available to private or institutional investors. By providing direct access to these opportunities, CoolMellon gives accredited investors a larger pool of investment options. And with CoolMellon, accredited investors are able to invest in several projects in different geographic markets to both target and diversify their investment opportunities.

    Accredited Investors

    1. Q: What is an accredited investor?                                                                                               A: CoolMellon recognizes the U.S. definition of accredited investor as someone who has a net worth of at least $1 million (USD), excluding the value of her primary residence. Or an individual earning at least $200,000 each year for the last two years (or $300,000 together with her spouse if married) and will earn the same or more in subsequent years.
    2. Q: Who is allowed to invest through CoolMellon?                                                                       A: Presently, only accredited investors will be able to gain access to the investment opportunities featured on CoolMellon. 
    3. Q: Why are only accredited investors allowed to participate?                                                   A: Federal laws require that companies register with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) prior to  selling any securities to investors. These laws are designed to protect investors. However, there are certain exemptions to this registration requirement. One exemption from registration is provided by Regulation D, which  allows companies to offer securities to “accredited investors” in a private offering.Accredited Investors are defined by the SEC as individuals with income exceeding $200,000 annually ($300,000 per couple) with the expectation of that continuing, or a net worth of more than $1 million, excluding the value of the primary residence. To comply with these laws, CoolMellon investment opportunities are only accessible to accredited investors through our secure and private platform. 
    4. Q: Can international investors participate?                                                                                 A: International investors are assessed on a case-by-case basis with input from the sponsor. 
    5. Q: How does the JOBS Act impact CoolMellon?                                                                            A: The JOBS Act was signed into law on April 5, 2012 by President Obama and is currently under an SEC rule making period. The JOBS Act was designed to loosen some restrictions related to who may invest in private offerings and how those offerings could be advertised. 
    6. Q: How do investors prove accredited status and why do they need to do so?                     A: The SEC requires verification that accredited investors meet the standard requirements. There are two ways to prove accredited status: 1. A letter written by the investor’s CPA or attorney (on personal letterhead), verifying that the investor is accredited. 2. Certification provided by a 3rd party verification service. CoolMellon investors can use VerifyInvestor, a service built in to the CoolMellon marketplace.
    7. Q: What Is Mezzanine Debt?                                                                                                       A: Mezzanine debt capital generally refers to that layer of financing between a company's senior debt and equity, filling the gap between the two. Structurally, it is subordinate in priority of payment to senior debt, but senior in rank to common stock or equity.  


    1. Q: How are investments structured?                                                                                          A: CoolMellon invests as a single limited member into a sponsor’s Limited Liability Company (“LLC”) or Limited Partnership (“LP”). All CoolMellon investors are pooled into a special purpose vehicle, typically an LLC, and then CoolMellon subscribes to the sponsor’s entity as a single investor. This means the sponsor is only responsible for one report, one distribution and one K-1. CoolMellon processes all of the underlying reports, distributions and K-1s for our investors.
    2. Q: Do you run civil, criminal, and credit background checks?                                                    A: Yes, those background checks on the key principals and sponsor entity are part of our due diligence process.